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You may be looking to have a garage door installed for the very first time or as a replacement. Whatever the case may be, here are some of the most common reasons why new or replacement door may be in the cards:

  • You have no garage door yet
  • You accidentally backed into your garage door
  • You are interested in the prospect of saving energy
  • The door you have violates one or more safety standards
  • Your garage door is old
  • You want your insurance premium to go down

The Type of Garage Doors We Work With

We have a commitment to our customers and ourselves to ensure that our jobs are completed with quality materials. Steel garage doors offer a level of superiority in build quality and security that other materials don’t.

Additionally, there is no other garage door material that offers the diverse design, price, and insulation options that steel does. Therefore, we only do jobs for our customers that involve steel doors. You should call us if you want your steel garage door repaired, or if you want to have one installed for the very first time.

We tend to work with Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton. With these brands in the mix, we can guarantee that our certified technicians are going to do a stellar job for you.

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Styles of Garage Doors

Your garage door allows you to express your personality through creativity. We believe in the power of choice, and you can take advantage of this based on your selection of one of these garage door styles:

  • Carriage – Carriage doors are available in the single bay or double bay types, and they have a beautiful aesthetic touch. Note that these doors swing outward, so they may not be ideal in homes that have children playing outside.
  • Classic – Here is another stellar option that continues to increase in popularity. If you don’t have a lot of space, then a classic garage door may be your best bet. They don’t swing out when they open, and they tend to have a charming aesthetic that’s not too flashy.
  • Contemporary – This is the kind of garage door for those who are looking to add a nice visual touch to their homes. There are various customization options available come on, such as diverse color choices, windows, etc.

Apart from choosing various garage door styles, you can use decorative hardware to give your door a unique look. Strap hinges, pulls, latches, etc. make up much of today’s decorative options. These elements provide an aesthetic touch to improve your home’s curb appeal. Therefore, it’s important not to overdo things, so the garage door still looks believable.

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What is Insulation (in Garage Doors)

Heat loss is a bigger problem with your garage door than it is for any other opening. This problem is where garage door insulation comes into the mix, for the sake of your energy efficiency, operational quietness, durability, and strength. An uninsulated garage door is not built with consideration for any of these factors. Therefore, its operation is inefficient.

When the weather becomes cold, you want your home to retain as much heat as possible. An insulated garage door prevents the said heat from escaping. This means that you don’t need to use as much energy to heat your home as you would need to with an uninsulated door. On the flip side, these doors prevent too much heat from entering your home during warmer seasons.

As you search for an insulated garage door, you may want to consider the door’s R-value and U-factor. The R-value boils down to how well the door can slow heat transmission, and the U-factor illustrates how heat flows through the material.

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What Does a Garage Door Installation Include?

When we do a garage door installation, there are several steps that we must go through. For example, if you have an old garage door present, we must remove it before we begin. If there is none, however, we can proceed.

New tracks must be put in place, so your garage door can run along them as it opens and closes. Additionally, we must install a new spring system then Is based on torsion or extension springs.

Cable and roller installations also form a part of the process. Note that the garage door opener installation is not a mandatory step. You only need one if you want to have an automatic opening and closing mechanism.

Care and Maintenance

While our team of professional and certified technicians can get you through the garage door repair and installation process, you have a responsibility to ensure proper maintenance of its components.

Visual Inspection

You may not be able to install and repair parts on your own, but you can certainly routinely inspect components to see if anything looks out of place. Check your Springs, tracks, cables, pulleys, and panels regularly to ensure that nothing seems worn or broken.

Door Lubrication

Garage door springs, tracks, and rollers require adequate lubrication to operate well. Without it, there is wear and tear and a dip in operational quality. After your installation, you can request a free Amarr Super Lub lubrication spray from our technicians.

Clean and Paint Your Garage Door

Doing this maintains your garage doors aesthetic, and it also protects the door’s external area. You may use a damp cloth to get rid of any dust particles on the door, after which you can proceed to paint it.

Test the Balance of Your Door

Begin the test by closing the door. If you have an opener, you must disconnect it. Next, use your hand to open the door. Remove any obstructions that may pop up and lubricate the door’s rollers, springs, and track. You may then lift the door about four feet and let it go. A properly balanced door should stay in place.

Read the Owner’s Manual

This is a crucial step that goes beyond just garage doors. Reading your owner’s manual gives insight into how the door works, and what you need to do to care for it.


The warranty on the products used in your garage door installation and repair is an important consideration. This is an agreement that allows you to get designated compensation.

Note that warranty stipulations are not universal, as they vary based on the brand and model of the product. Additionally, both the installer and manufacturer have independent responsibility. If you should have a problem within a year of installation, then the installer is responsible. Once that year has passed, you should then contact the manufacturer.

Feel free to view the warranties for Amarr, Clopay, and Wayne Dalton on garage door springs and other components.

Why Trust a Professional Garage Door Repair Company

A garage door installation Is not something that can be adequately completed by anyone. There are essential safety regulations for installation, and a reputable garage door repair company is always going to stick to them.

Apart from adhering to standards, Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair employ the team of licensed, experienced, and professional technicians. Opting for professional garage door repair allows you to avoid trouble and high costs in the long run.

Why Choose Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair?

Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair is a cut above the rest for several reasons. The first is the same-day service. Many garage door installation and repair jobs are emergencies. Depending on the way your home is constructed, having a faulty or damaged garage door may compromise the security of your property. Therefore, the chances are that people want their garage door repair and installation jobs completed quickly. We can complete an evaluation and its associated job on the same day.

Note that this same day service is not restricted to just weekdays, as we are open for business every day. Additionally, we are willing to complete an estimate for your job free of charge. Quality is also a non-issue, as our team consists of certified and experienced technicians.