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When it comes to commercial garage door repair, you know there are many issues it could be. It’s never the best idea to try to fix problems yourself. For one, it’s dangerous to you and your employees. Also, you want it done right, and the work completed quickly.

With that said, it is best to call Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair. We have the tools necessary and skills required to handle any commercial garage issue. This includes broken cables, bent doors, and so many other things.

Most people aren’t sure how to deal with bent tracks, opener issues, and everything else. Now, you can call on a reliable company to assist you with whatever you require.

Of course, it’s best to know what we can do and how we benefit you. Please continue reading to understand our services and how we can help you.

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Commercial Garage Door Repair and Replacement

commercial garage doors

Most commonly, it is our goal to repair any issues you may be having. It’s often more cost-effective for you and is usually easier for the technicians to handle. However, replacements might be necessary. We only do this when it’s required for safety or aesthetic purposes. Whenever possible, repairs are made to the parts that have broken down.

We can repair and replace any part relating to your commercial garage door. These issues often arise because of wear and tear. For example, broken springs and cables happen all the time because they’re used frequently. In fact, both components are used each time the door closes and opens. They are designed to last about seven years, but this also depends on how often they were maintained and other pertinent factors.

It’s easy to see how rollers and tracks can easily get broken and bent. Doors also have a way of getting bent. However, we can easily replace a specific panel or the track. Also, we can repair issues regardless of where they are located. However, where springs are concerned, we can only replace them. Since they are torsion springs (which is all that’s available for commercial garage doors), we cannot repair them.



Generally, the panels that make up the garage door can get damaged easily. The most common issue is where they bend. This often happens when someone backs into the door, or it drops too quickly. Regardless of the reason, we can replace these when they go out. It’s often our recommendation to replace and not repair them.


Commercial garage doors must use Torsion springs. They use rotary or torque force. Often, the ends of the spring are attached to the garage door. Therefore, when the door rises, it creates pressure, and it’s released as the door closes. Clearly, you can see how much work these components get. It’s no wonder that they get broken or damaged with time. We can only replace the springs; it is unsafe to repair them.


Broken cables are another common issue that garage doors have. If you own a business with a garage door, it’s essential that the cables are in good condition. They’re often attached to brackets toward the bottom sides of the door. Generally, they’re designed to work in tandem with the springs to lower and lift the door’s weight as required. When they wear out, it’s best to replace them. In fact, it’s considered unsafe to repair them, and we want you and your employees to be as safe as possible.


If you suffer from bent tracks, it is often an easy fix. Our professionals can come to your location to realign the tracks and unbend them. This is often the best solution, and it ensures that the tracks run smoothly for the door.

However, if you have broken tracks, the work we must do is a little more extensive. It’s often impossible to fix them, and we couldn’t guarantee your satisfaction and safety. Therefore, we always recommend that the entire track is removed and replaced with a new one.


If you have broken rollers, the culprit is either a full break or crack. The door is likely to jam and might seem impossible to close or open. Generally, we replace instead of repair rollers.

Provided Commercial Garage Door Services

We believe everyone has the right to get their commercial garage doors fixed. There could be significant issues with the door, such as bent panels, broken rollers, and even bent tracks. Now is the time to consider expert commercial garage door repair.

Here, we install, replace, and repair a variety of commercial garage doors. In fact, we can often take out a few panels or the tracks and replace those while putting the old door back on afterward. Sometimes, though, the issue is a bit more complex than that. In this case, we often remove the old door and track and install new ones.

Of course, we only work with the best suppliers within the industry. This includes Clopay and Amarr, as well as others. Did you know that these two manufacturers are the top in their field? What does that mean for you? Generally, it indicates that you are going to get a durable, strong, and secure commercial garage door for your property. However, this also means that the door is going to last a long time and have the features you desire.

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Though you require the best garage door manufacturers, that doesn’t matter very much if you don’t choose an appropriate installation expert to handle putting the components in correctly. Where repairs are concerned, you’ve also got to choose the right professional to fix the problems with the parts suitable to the task. While our competitors might choose less-known brands and models, we know our customers want and deserve the best. Therefore, you always get to choose the brand you desire most. Of course, you may not know what’s best for you. If that’s the case, now’s the time to talk to our friendly experts and get advice that meets your needs.

When replacements are needed, you know that we have what it takes to do the work. Our commercial garage door services are available seven days a week. If your garage door breaks on the weekend, you don’t have to hire extra people to guard the entrance it creates until Monday. Just call and request service for the same day or the next. We’re here to serve you. Of course, our primary services include repairing, installing, and replacing parts or entire doors.

What does this mean for you? While most people aren’t familiar with the many parts included in the door, we know how to fix openers, springs, rollers, cables, and all the rest. Often, it’s as simple as replacing broken doors, bent panels, bent or broken tracks, and more. Also, we make it easy to choose our team. If you want a new garage door, even if one isn’t already there, we offer free estimates.