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Have you ever tried to lift your garage door and realized you’re having difficulty doing so? That is because it has issues that need some fixing. As you may have already known, a garage door is made up of a number of working parts, each of which is essential in achieving a smooth and unhindered operation. Part of this complicated mechanism is the cable, which is responsible for making sure that your garage goes up and down in a breeze. But once this cable breaks, and it will if not fixed immediately, expect a serious potential problem to surface. This is when you are going to need a professional garage door cable company.

Why Do Garage Door Cables Break?

If your garage door cable came off, then there are a handful of different things going on. For starters, cables tend to get wound around the door’s drum incorrectly; hence, the door gets jammed or droops to one side. It is also the main reason why the door catches when being lowered. In the long run, the entire garage door system will start working improperly. Your door starts getting stuck or cocked to one side.

Another reason why your garage door cable breaks is due to age. Like other parts, cables also experience wear and tear every now and then. Over time, they start to weaken and eventually snap. It is also likely for them to break due to rust. And if the latter is not attended to, it will eat off the cable. Fraying is also a potential issue that causes the cables to snap.

Your garage door cable works like a rope. As you can notice, the rope is made up of smaller pieces of ropes which are twisted together to form a thicker one. The cables of your garage door cables work exactly the same way. They are wound together in order to make a stronger, thicker one. If one of these cables breaks, it could significantly affect the others until all of them snap. Regardless of what caused the problem, a broken cable is a serious issue that needs immediate fixing. Considering how inconvenient this type of situation could be, it is only imperative that you contact a reliable and professional garage door cable repair service. Our experts at Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair can help you!

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Let Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair Maintain Your Garage Door Cables

Always keep in mind that the garage door cables lift the overall weight of the door. This also means that it bears the brunt of the heavy lifting just for the entire garage door mechanism to work accordingly. Because of this, the cable very much prone to a huge deal of tension, as well as the occasional wear and tear.

The work of either maintaining or replacing your garage door cable must only be done by professionals. Even more so, the work should require the use of proper and state of the art tools. All of these are what we offer here at Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair. Our technicians understand just how complicated the process is; hence, we only make use of the highest quality of brands and proper equipment.

Remember that repairing a garage door cable on your own is not recommended. The process involved is quite complicated, especially since it is going to involve the other moving parts of the door. Any mistakes will be costly, let alone even dangerous.

Your Safety is Our Concern

Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair has been in the business of providing exceptional garage door cable repair service in the greater Maryland area. In our years in the business, we always look after the safety of our clients – it is our primary concern. That is why we make sure that your garage door is back in working order, as we do not want it to cause undue harm or damages.

If your garage door cables are damaged or frayed, our technicians will perform a thorough check on all components of your garage door, most especially the cables since they are prone to wear and tear. If you do not maintain and/or repair them, they are likely to warrant accidents.

Once we start mobilizing our technicians to perform a professional garage door cable repair service, the conduct of safety checks is always a part of their standard operation.

You're in Good Hands With Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair

Our technicians have all passed rigorous training and background checks. Patronize our garage door cable service now and do not forget to call us if you need help. We assure you only the best customer service possible!