5 Home & Garage Expansion Ideas

There are various ways to boost the home value of any residential property. One way to do this is via home expansion and garage expansion. On top of considering function, costs, and building regulations, it’s best to call professionals as well.

Invest in professional contractors to guarantee fewer issues with the expansion project. It doesn’t matter if you are going to plan a simple expansion or you are going to go all out. What matters is that you have safe construction over the garage during the project.

porch extension

1. Front porch

It’s possible to enjoy a breezy afternoon and the morning sun on your front porch. If you have an attached garage to your residence, it takes a bit of planning and work. Before starting the project, it’s best to consult with local regulations on front porches and garage reconstruction.

Once you get approval on your project, the next thing is to build the front porch you want. The upside of building a porch from the garage is that it’s already an existing structure. While you may ponder on the design and layout of the porch, the biggest aspect is always a quiet construction.

Contact a garage door company first before taking out the garage door and building over another side for the porch.

living room expansion

2. Living room expansion

Living rooms are essential living spaces of the households. Having a bigger living room entails a bigger space for gathering and staying around. What more can you do except consider an unused garage as a living room extension?

As the living rooms require integration to the household layout, you may need more heavy-duty work. One such work is taking out a garage wall to expand the home layout inside. As you plan this move, it’s best to leave the job to contractors.

Consider the contractors as the best people to consult with on your living room expansion. You’re not only taking out a wall, but you are also potentially building over a garage entrance. Somebody needs to take out and move the heavy garage door in the frame.

3. Pet area

Pets need a separate area inside the household. More than using the garage for the cars, you can use it as a dedicated pet area. Building the garage into a pet living quarter or a dog kennel may not be as simple as you think.

First, you need to consider the living requirements of the pets. You also need to think of the potential ruckus from these living beings towards neighborhoods. Nevertheless, dedicating the garage to a pet area increases the sanitation of your household interiors.

Contact a professional contractor specializing in garage doors to get expert opinions on your home expansion. As the garage entrance needs utmost protection and safeguard, you must ensure that the doors are fully functional. 

4. Function area

Do you want a multi-functional room that doesn’t need to stick with one purpose? You can transform and expand your interior layout with the garage space. Transform the garage floor into a function room.

Add some conformable furniture like chairs, sofas, and a table. If you have guests, you have a spare space to receive people.

The most vital thing to consider is the state of the doors guarding the garage. If the doors are older, it’s best to book a checkup and tune-up for the doors. Call your trusted garage door repair company to restore the doors.

Garage extension home expansion

5. Garage extension

It’s unnecessary to transform the garage into another usable area of your home. A simple garage expansion can still add value to your property. With the proper layout planning of the initial layout, you can add a vehicle area to your residence.

Consider the size of your property to assess if it’s possible to extend the garage space by the lot area. If the property is limited, the next thing you can invest in is a second-story garage extension or car lift.

Consult with your local construction businesses to find the building codes of a garage expansion. Call the garage door business to take out the existing garage door carefully. It’s best if the two teams work together to expand the garage space.


Whether you want to expand the garage space or transform the floor area for an additional home layout, plan ahead. Working with professional teams to secure the permits and approval of your home renovation benefits everybody in the neighborhood. The last thing you need is to have the construction job reported for issues and disobedience of rules.