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If your garage door is giving you problems it is probably a good time to call a professional. Our team of garage door repair technicians are the best at repairing garage doors.

A garage door consists of different parts and usually only one or two components fail, trying to operate your garage door with a broken spring or a faulty opener can cause further damage to the rest of the system. If you are experiencing any issues with your garage door give us a call, our technicians respond quickly because we know how frustrating a faulty garage door can be.

A garage door is designed to be a great convenience, and to provide protection. Don’t tolerate a malfunction in your residential or commercial garage doors even a single minute – we are only a phone call away! So, pick up the phone and call Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair if your garage door is broken or needs servicing. Let us help keep your garage door the great convenience that it was designed to be. We offer repairs, garage door sales, installation, and garage door maintenance.

7 days a week emergency garage door repair: A malfunction in your garage door system can leave you locked out or unable to exit the garage when you need to use your car or truck. If you find yourself in an emergency situation , Timonium Garage Door & Opener Repair will be there to provide emergency services to get you back to your normal routine in top time.

Broken hinges, broken garage door springs, opener faults, door out of track, jammed garage door locks, or garage door remote control issues – whatever the fault our technicians are very experienced and will quickly restore normal operation for your residential, commercial or industrial garage doors.

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