Garage Door Opener Repair

Gear, Sensors & Motor

Your automated garage can’t be any good without a properly functioning garage opener or operator. We can install, service, and repair garage door openers for all models and designs of residential, commercial and industrial garage doors – overhead garage doors, standard designs, and carriage house garage doors. The garage door opener consists of several parts which tend to malfunction:

Garage Door Opener Gear: The gear inside the garage door opener can be worn, in this case you will hear the opener running but wont see the chain or belt moving.

Garage Door Sensors: The sensors sit at the bottom of the track on each side, if something is in the way your garage door might not go all the way down or might go down and back up. There are two lights that should be on, one green and one orange.

Garage Door Opener Motor: The motor is also a part that can break, in this case you usually wont hear anything when trying to open your garage door, in this case usually the entire unit has to be replaced. If you encounter any problems with your garage door opener, it is best to call a professional in order to prevent further damage to your unit. Sometimes the repair is minor and sometimes the entire unit has to be replaced.

Our professional technicians at Timonium Garage Door Opener Repair can service most of the garage door opener brands, Liftmaster, Craftsman, Chamberlain and more. If your unit has to be replaced, we will replace it on the spot with a brand new Liftmaster garage door opener. These garage door openers come with a lifetime warranty for the motor, Liftmaster is considered to be one of the best garage door openers in the market and are available only from authorized garage door repair companies. Call us for garage door opener repair if you encounter any problems with your opener and rest assured your garage door will work like new.